Monday, April 15, 2013


After seriously considering various alternative options in order to become, "rich and famous," I decided this would be the most easily facilitated route for the moment. That being said, welcome to 'Traveling on Dimes.' I'm Laura, known for world travels accomplished on a low budget. Some of it has to do with my low-maintenance nature, but a larger part of it has to do with my love for traveling and my need to stretch each dollar.

Just within the past few years I have managed a ten day trip to Colombia for $650 (yes, the country), a twelve day trip to Hawaii for $800, a weekend trip to Hawaii for $400, a fourteen day trip to Puerto Rico for $800, and a week long trip to Aruba for $450. Those prices include flights, food, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment.

I want to use this blog to share any and all of the deals for trips that I encounter. I am constantly planning "hypothetical future excursions" and since I can only do so much, maybe it won't be a waste if I share it on here!

I was born in England, moved to Canada when I was seven, and immigrated to the States when I was fourteen. My parents finally calmed their nomadic spirits and settled down in Maryland, yet consequently they had molded my free-spirited self. At sixteen, I traveled to Taiwan for a summer, where I worked as a teacher assistant in an English immersion school. In the end my expenses equalled what I had earned and it felt to me like a free trip! At eighteen I had an unexpected desire to learn Spanish and very randomly moved to Chile for what was supposed to be four months. My love for Chile kept me there for ten months instead of four, and I now officially consider myself Latina at heart. I have been fortunate enough to return twice to my "motherland," England, and road-tripped through Wales and Scotland. While there I found round-trip tickets to Italy for $30, so my brother and I backpacked through Pisa, Florence, and Rome for five days and it cost around $150. Since graduating from high school I have lived in Maryland, Idaho, California, and Arizona.

My passion is travel, I'm on a budget, yet all I see are open doors.


  1. Can't believe I found you on the day you started this blog? Amazing. Sounds like we share a passion for travel, and especially for spontaneous adventures.

    1. What are the odds!? I dont know anything about blogging but I will figure out the kinks as I go! We do share the best passion there is, so I'll need to check out your blog now!