Monday, April 15, 2013


FLIGHTS- (for west coasters of the U.S)
Allegiant flies directly to Honolulu from quite a few different places now! It is such an inexpensive way to get to the lovely island of Oahu! I recently flew from Vegas to Honolulu for $99 each way with some sweet seat sales! Too awesome. 

Here's the website: Allegiant Air 
So if I decided to head to Hawaii here is what my itinerary would look like.

GROUPS- After staying in a few other hostels in Waikiki, by far my very favorite was Seaside Hawaiian Hostel. Starting at $22 a night (per person), it's affordable and a five minute walk from the beach. It comes with breakfast, access to the kitchen, free wifi, and they actually let you rent tons of stuff at no extra charge (snorkel gear, beach towels, DVDS etc). All around awesome.
COUPLES- They don't have rooms suitable for couples but on there are a few other options that might fit better of that's your situation. Sadly I don't have one to recommend.

- Getting from the airport to Waikiki costs $2.50 a person for the bus fare (takes about 45 minutes), or around $30 for a cab. You can catch the bus (the #20) on the second floor exit of the airport.
- To ride the bus is $2.50 per person and you get one free transfer pass with it. That will take you anywhere you want to go- great way to get around.
- Smart phones really come in handy for knowing the bus schedule. Luckily its part of the USA so you don't have to worry about international fees which is nice to use Google maps while you're out and about. They also have an app called 'Da Bus' that is a great way to find out bus schedules.
- Food is expensive there- even groceries. We found it cheaper to just order inexpensive things at restaurants than to prepare meals. If I could go again I would take instant oatmeal packets, granola bars, and maybe some boxes of macaroni and cheese with me.
- Renting a moped is a popular option. It is illegal to have more than one person riding on a moped so keep that in mind when thinking about renting (they will actually pull you over and give you a ticket). Keep in mind that you have to be at least 18 to rent one. Also, the prices seem cheap but then they get you with insurance and gas refill charges and so on, so find out the total price before committing.

- Look on groupon to find deals for different things to do upon arrival. Whether it be scuba diving, or parasailing, its good to search for deals to entertain yourself. There is so much to do whether or not you go prepared.
- Diamond head is an easy, half hour hike, that has a great view of Waikiki from the top.
-You MUST visit the north shore (specifically, I am referring to the beaches along the north east coast of the island). Its an hour and a half bus ride from Waikiki and that is where you will find beaches that are less commercial, prime snorkeling, and the polynesian cultural center (and for Mormons: BYU-Hawaii and the LDS temple).


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